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Q: There is a wrong BTC address in my profile and I cannot change, why?
A: VirtualCoin give you a new wallet where you can store your money, exchange currency, view transaction history or send money outside, all that function are available from your profile.

Q: When I try to send money outside it give me a PIN error, how can I get that pin?
A: Your pin code is a numeric code, a sort of second password, that you must set in your profile to protect your outgoing transactions, this code further protect you in case of password theft.

Q: I lost my password and can’t access my account, what I can do?
A: You can use the password recovery page and try to recover by yourself or if it’s needed you can ask for help using the contact page.

Q: I lost my PIN and can’t send my money without, what I can do?
A: If you lost your PIN the only way is to ask for help using the contact page and request a PIN Reset.

Q: How can I refer people and gain more money?
A: You can refer people by linking to: https://www.virtualcoin.biz/?id=12345
where ‘12345’ identifies your account id, as shown in your profile.

Q: I traded some coins in the trading platform, but I have received only a part of that…where are the rest of my coins?
A: Like any other trading platform, when you submit an order, this will be fully completed only when there is a full request that meet your need, if this does not happen you successfully trade only a part of your coins, this mean that an part of your order still wait to be completed
If this is your case you have 2 choices:
1) wait until for your order to be completed, this may take some time (seconds, minutes, days, weeks)
2) cancel your remaining open order, selecting the pair BTC-DOGE, scroll down in the middle where you see ‘Your Orders:’ and click the red cross over your open order, than all the unsold coin will be transferred back to your wallet.