Our Cryptocurrency Faucet

Bitcoin Faucet and Dogecoin Faucet

DomesticPinneaple Bitcoin FaucetVirtualCoin was born in 2013 like a simple bitcoin faucet, ad the time of Dev Faucet and DomesticPinneaple, but VirtualCoin is the only survivor of those times.

A faucet is nothing less and nothing more that a bitcoin giveaway service, the very first service of VirtualCoin is that, and our first faucet is still active and working at:


In the beginning the reward ranged from 5.000 to 20.000 satoshi, but this time is over and today you can get only few satoshi for free.

VirtualCoin Dogecoin Faucet Doge GiveawayOur second faucet dedicated to dogecoin Currency could be reached from this link:


Feel free to enter and take the money you want, but each faucet has its dispensing times and you must wait until the timer end.