VirtualCoin Crypto ExchangeCancel Order Bug in Our Crypto Exchange

Yes, there is a bug, the whole world is full of bugs and our crypto exchange platform is not exempt, sometime may happen that when you go to cancel an order entered, this is removed but the balance in the wallet remains unchanged.

It is a non-systematic situation therefore random, when this happen the only way is to contact us via the contact form and ask for support, trying to explain in detail which orders have not been correctly canceled.

The development of the exchange platform is very slow, I’m alone to develop, but from today this problem finds a way towards the solution.

From today all canceled orders will transit from a recycle bin before being completely removed, waiting for the wallet balance to be actually reimbursed.

This will make it easier to solve the problem and will be fully automated in the near future, to avoid having to contact the staff.

To visit our exchange follow this link

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